National History Day
2018 FHD Winners

Fifty-eight students represented Florida during the National History Day (NHD) competition, June 10-14, at the University of Maryland, College Park. The national contest drew more than 3,000 students from the fifty states, District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and international schools in Southeast Asia. About 600,000 students annually participate in NHD.

NHD category winners

1st Place: Senior Individual Performance
Max Mateer
Pushing the Pawn from the Purchase to the Pacific
Pensacola High School (Escambia)
Teacher: Michael Jones

2nd Place, SSenior Individual Website
Jiayong "Celia" Lu
A Little Ball Moved the Big Ball
American Heritage/Plantation (Broward)
Teachers: Leslie Porges, Kimberly Hughes

2nd Place, Senior Individual Exhibit
Sarah Robison
This Is My War Too!
Homeschool (Hillsborough)
Teacher: Deborah Robison

2nd Place, Senior Group Exhibit
Gopi Patel and Shivni Patel
Commerciogenic Malnutrition: Conflict and Compromise in the Infant Formula Controversy in the 1970s
School Pine View School (Sarasota)
Teacher: Carol Lavallee

2nd Place, Junior Group Documentary
Jack Lohse and Mack Alfele
South Florida: The Staging Ground for a Nuclear Showdown
School Beachside Montessori Village (Broward)
Teacher: Nancy Roman

Outstanding Affiliate Award

Junior Division
Ruby Tilghman—Junior Individual Performance
Sugar Fight and Everything Nice: Women in World War II on the Homefront and Beyond North
Bay Haven Charter Academy Middle School (Bay)
Teacher: Cheryl Duncan

Senior Division
Sarah Schoellhorn—Senior Individual Exhibit
Margaret Sanger: Choosing a Life of Conflict to Gain Women's Reproductive Rights
Carrollwood Day School (Hillsborough)
Teacher: Sabrina McCartney

NHD Finalists

Finalists are students whose entry is among the top ten projects in their division and category.

6th Place: Junior Group Exhibit
Hana Starkman and Nicole Gorbatov
Fields of Despair
American Heritage/Plantation (Broward)
Teacher: Leslie Porges

9th Place: Junior Group Documentary
Ashali Sharma and Ritisha Suresh
The Peace of Westphalia: A Compromise That Shaped Our Modern World
Sanford Middle School (Seminole)
Teacher: Mike Travis

9th Place: Senior Group Performance
Carlie Sullivan, Faith Eaton, MacLaine Thompson, and Schuyler Thompson
Woman Uprising: Rose Schneiderman
Real Life Christian Academy (Lake)
Teacher: Mark Dineen and Steve Lebron

10th Place: Senior Group Documentary
Emma Barrett, Endora Ankrah, and Maya Eason
The Berlin Conference
Land O' Lakes High School (Pasco)
Teacher: Jennifer O'Connor-Podraza

National History Academy scholarship

Max Mateer was awarded a National History Academy scholarship. The National History Academy is a residential camp in Virginia for high-school students with a passion for learning more about the foundations of American Democracy.