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2021 Special Prize Winners

Junior and Senior students who advance to the state contest were able to nominate their project for a special prize if their topic related to one of the twenty-two prize themes offered. The winners of each topic are listed here.

African American Heritage Award
(Sponsored by: The Jensen Family)

Cathleen Kivett Smith
Jessie Fauset: How One Writer Opened the Doors to Literary Representation (SHP)
Ridgeview High School
Teacher: Cynthia Cheatwood

American History Innovation Award
(Sponsored by: In memory of Norman Schroeder)

Kathryn Shapiro
How the Telegraph Helped the Union Win the Civil War (SHP)
Ponte Vedra High School
Teacher: Samantha Rorabaugh

American Revolution Heritage Award
(Sponsored by: Florida Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, Inc.)

Arbina Adhikari, Miranda Anderson
Communication with Great Britain and the American Colonies: Conflicting Messages Between and Within the Two Shores (JGE)
Charles S. Rushe Middle School
Teacher: Danielle Smith

Best Use of Primary Sources: Junior Division
(Sponsored by: Society of Florida Archivists)

        Ava Hollman
       On the Road to "The Winning Plan" (JIP)
       Breakfast Point Academy
       Teacher: Christine Sermons

Best Use of Primary Sources: Senior Division
(Sponsored by: Society of Florida Archivists)

Kasha Tyranski
Communicating Dissent One Step at a Time: Gandhi's Salt March (SIW)
St. Petersburgh High School
Teacher: Brandon Rader

Celebrate Freedom Award
(Sponsored by: James Madison Institute)

Laura Kopec
Hedy Lamarr’s Invention of Frequency Hopping: The Mind of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World (SHP)
Palm Harbor University High
Teacher: Jason Tsardoulias

Colonial Americas Heritage Award
(Sponsored by: Florida Council for History Education and La Florida: The Interactive Digital Archive of the Americas)

Michael Ribay
Communication is Many-Sided: The Codes, Ciphers, Clotheslines, and Invisible Ink of the Culper Spy Ring (JID)
Howard Middle School
Teacher: Marcia Daubenmire

Economic Freedom Award
(Sponsored by: James Madison Institute)

Kaliana Colon Duarte
Connecting with Americans in an unprecedented way: FDR's Fireside Chats (JIP)
Pembroke Pines Charter West Campus
Teacher: Deanne Reynolds

Florida Digital History Award
(Sponsored by: State Archives of Florida)

Anjali Khanna
Inclusive Communication: The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (SIW)
Father Lopez High School
Teacher: Darla Tedesco

Florida Heritage Award
(Sponsored by: Florida Historical Society)

Arossa Adhikary, Lilly Xu, Reagan Alapa
The Ray Brothers: Fact Over Fear of HIV/AIDS (SGD)
Land O'Lakes High School
Teacher: Megan Riley

Florida Historic Preservation Award
(Sponsored by: Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources)

Connor Ambrose
Oak Lodge: The Boarding House that Saved Florida's Pelicans (SID)
Creekside High School
Teacher: Laura Bagby

Hispanic Heritage Award

Abdullah Mubarak
Communication through Conquest: How the Muslim Conquest of Spain Influenced Communication in the Peninsula (SIW)
Panama City Advanced School
Teacher: Elma Ahmad

Holocaust Education Award
(Sponsored by: DOE Commissioner’s Task Force on Holocaust Education)

Emmary Hunt, Jacqueline Sherrell, Leah Park
Communication on the Down Low: Leave it to Agent Garbo (JGD)
Dunedin Highland Middle School
Teacher: Teresa Bergstrom

Legal Heritage Award

Ralphney Gayot
Human Rights are Women’s Rights: Margaret Sanger and the Fight for Reproductive Rights (JIE)
Central Florida Leadership Academy Charter School
Teacher: William Turner

Mapping History Award
(Sponsored by: Florida Geographic Alliance)

Alexandra Ryherd, Ava Guseman, Rylee Skillman
The Pony Express (JGE)
Palmetto Charter School
Teacher: Toni Dunaway

Military Heritage Award
(Sponsored by: Vietnam Veterans of America, Florida State Council)

Quinn Cottle
Communication in Wartime through Pigeons (JIE)
St. Barnabas Episcopal School
Teacher: Michael Fischetti

Native American Heritage Award
(Sponsored by: Florida Governor’s Council on Indian Affairs, Inc.)

Kaylani Krigger
Silenced Voices: Loss of the Algonquian Language (SIW)
Port St. Lucie High School
Teacher: Jhanez Card

Science Heritage Award
(Sponsored by: Tallahassee Scientific Society)

Joseph Pinto
Come in, Houston: The Creation of Satellite Communication to and from Spacecrafts (SID)
Real Life Christian Academy
Teacher: Steve Lebron

Space Heritage Award
(Sponsored by: Florida Space Grant Consortium)

Nicki Truong
How the ARPANET Changed How We Communicate (SHP)
Largo High School
Teacher: Michael Klapka

Women’s Heritage Award

Grace Williams
Florence Nightingale, the Female Statistician: Using Mathematical Data to Communicate Crimean War Disease Outbreaks (SIW)
Pensacola High School
Teacher: James Michael Jones

World War II Heritage Award
(Sponsored by: Florida State University’s Institute for World War II and the Human Experience)

Gillian Osterhoudt
Nazi Book Burnings and Destruction of Communication (JHP)
Sarasota Middle School
Jennifer Jaso