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Florida Topics

Topics by Time Period

16th–18th Centuries [Key words: Spanish Florida, British Florida]

  • Communicating the Extent of the Disaster: The Surviving Accounts of the Entrada of Hernando de Soto
  • A Hispanic Teenager’s Survival among the Calusa Indians of South Florida: The 16th Century Account of Hernando D’Escalante Fontaneda
  • Illustrating Northeast Florida’s Native American Lifeways: The 16th Century Art of Jacques LeMoyne
  • Letters from the Florida Frontier: Franciscan Missionaries Pleading the Cause of Native Americans
  • Shipwreck, Suffering, and Survival on Florida’s East Coast: The Diary of Jonathan Dickinson
  • Colonial Casualties of Queen Anne’s War in the South: The Fate of Florida’s Apalachee Indians
  • Communication by Word of Mouth: The Appeal of Florida’s Fort Mose to English-held Slaves in Georgia and South Carolina
  • Augustine’s Tory Newspaper, The East-Florida Gazette
  • John Bartram: A Naturalist’s Journey through the South
  • Bernard Romans: The Language of Mapmaking
  • Abraham: African American Voice of the Seminole Cause in Florida

19th Century [Key words:  Antebellum, Civil War, Reconstruction, Segregation]

  • Lighting the Way: Florida Lighthouses and Their Role in Opening the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts
  • Communicating Ownership on the Open Range: Cattle Brands on the Florida Frontier
  • Capturing Florida’s Birds in Print: The Engravings of John J. Audubon
  • Celebrating 135 Years of Inclusive Communication: The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine
  • The Art of Running Cattle: Frederick Remington’s Depictions of Life on the Florida Frontier
  • Forerunner of Political Change: The 1890 Populist Platform and the Ocala Demands
  • The American Siberia; Or Fourteen Years’ Experience in a Southern Convict Camp:C. Powell’s Chilling Description of Florida’s Convict Lease System
  • The US Acquires Florida: The Adams-Onís Treaty
  • The Man with the Branded Hand: Florida Abolitionist Jonathan Walker
  • Esther Hill Hawks: Architect of an Integrated Free School in Civil War Florida
  • May the 20th: General Edward McCook and the Emancipation Proclamation in Tallahassee
  • The Freedman’s Bureau in Florida: A Path to Stability for Former Slaves
  • Florida’s 1885 Constitution: A Reaction to the Era of Reconstruction
  • Insurmountable Barriers: Florida’s Jim Crow Laws and Segregation
  • Florida’s Age of Rails: Flagler, Plant, and the Coastal Railroads
  • Witnessing Change in Florida’s Capital: The 19th Century Photographs of Alvan S. Harper
  • Delivering the Mail at All Costs: The Story of South Florida’s “Barefoot Mailman”
  • Steamboats and Waterways: Luxury for the Elite, Communication Networks for the Enslaved

20th Century [Key words:  Progressive Era, World War I, World War II, Civil Rights]

  • The Florida Voice of African Americans: James Weldon Johnson’s “Lift Every Voice and Sing”
  • Educating the Forgotten: Mary McLeod Bethune and the Origins of Bethune-Cookman College
  • Harry T. Moore and the NAACP: Leading Florida’s Fight for Civil Rights
  • Jacksonville’s Norman Studios: “Race Films” with Dignity in Pre-Civil Rights Florida
  • The Sinking Schooner Prinz Valdemar: A Signal of Florida’s Land Bust
  • The Poetry and Prose of Zora Neale Hurston, Florida’s Ethnographer
  • Floridian by Adoption: The Writings of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
  • Communicating the Odds of Approaching Disaster: Miami’s National Hurricane Center
  • “Swamp-Speak” and Syndication: The Wisdom of the Comic Strip Pogo Possum
  • Uneasy Neighbors: Florida and Cuba in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • “Mr. Florida” Dick Pope and the Creation of the Photographer’s Dream, Cypress Gardens
  • The Ringling Brothers: Circus Kings in Sarasota

Themed Topics

African American History

  • Thomas DeSaille Tucker: Higher Education for African Americans
  • William Gunn: In the Vanguard of Healthcare
  • Thomas Fortune: From Slavery in Florida to Fame in New York
  • Mary McLeod Bethune and the School for Girls
  • Philip Randolph: Organizing Florida’s Railroad Porters
  • Casualties of Racial Prejudice: Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore
  • Patricia and Pricilla Stephens and the Congress of Racial Equality

Art and Literature

  • Jacques LeMoyne: First Views of First Peoples
  • John James Audubon in Florida: Unveiling Florida’s Birds
  • Abolitionist and Author Harriet Beecher Stowe—Florida’s Early Tourism Advocate
  • Winslow Homer: Creating Images of Florida
  • Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: A Leader in Literature
  • “Lift Every Voice and Sing”: The Achievements of James Weldon Johnson
  • Zora Neale Hurston: Folklorist, Essayist and Playwright
  • Ernest Hemingway: Legendary Literature, Legendary Lifestyle
  • From a Trusty Typewriter: John D. MacDonald’s Fictional Florida in the Mysteries of Travis McGee
  • River of Grass: Marjorie Stoneman Douglas and Writing for Everglades Conservation
  • Stetson Kennedy: Unmasking the Klan through The Adventures of Superman
  • Guy LaBree and the Seminole Tribe of Florida: Transcribing Traditional Culture onto Canvas

Native American History

  • Alexander McGillivray: Shrewd Statesman for the Creek Indians
  • Panton, Leslie, & Company and the Two Floridas
  • Surveying Claims Against Native Lands: Holatta-Micco (Billy Bowlegs) and Governor Thomas Brown
  • The Longest War: The US Government versus the Seminole Indians
  • Seeing Osceola: Seminole Leader Captured on Canvas and in Cultural Imagination
  • Polly Parker’s Escape from the Trail of Tears
  • “Watchie Estra”: Ivy Stranahan Speaks Out for the Seminole Culture in Florida
  • Seminole Voting Rights: Joining Florida’s Citizenry
  • Harriet Bedell and Seminole Tourist Villages: Conserving Culture Through Craftsmanship
  • Betty Mae Tiger Jumper and the Founding of the Seminole News

Politics and Social Issues

  • Network Miscommunication and the Disputed Presidential Election of the Year 2000:International Focus on Tallahassee, Florida
  • The Tallahassee Democrat: The Sometimes Turbulent History of Florida’s Capital Newspaper
  • Jose Martí: “Apostle of Cuban Independence”
  • Cyrus Teed and the Publishing of Koreshan Unity Ideology in South Florida
  • The Gideon Lawsuit: A Florida Case Reforms the National Justice System
  • Simmering Tempers: The Florida Teachers’ Strike of 1968
  • Governor Reubin Askew and Dawn of Government in the Sunshine

Science and Technology

  • Florence B. Seibert: Discovering the Purest Test for Tuberculosis
  • The Hughes Nucellar Valencia: Florida’s Favorite Strand of Orange Juice
  • Paul Dirac: Expressing Scientific Beauty through Equations
  • “The Fabulous Muck”: Napoleon B. Broward, Campaigning for Everglades Drainage, and the Lasting Ecological Impacts

Women’s History

  • “Yours Very Truly:” Helen Flaherty Muir, Longtime Miami Reporter
  • A Bouquet by Mail: Julia deForest Tuttle Courts Henry Flagler’s Railroad to Come to Miami
  • May Mann Jennings: In the Vanguard of Civic Issues
  • Letters from the Leon County Jail: Patricia Stephens Due, an Icon of Florida’s Civil Rights Movement
  • Betty Skelton Erde: From Speed Records to Advertising Champion
  • First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt: Rhetoric and Civic Responsibility
  • Christine Fulwylie-Bankston: Poet, Publisher, and Civil Rights Activist
  • Carita Doggett Corse, Folk History, and the Federal Writers’ Project
  • Southeast Florida Pioneer and Postmistress, Lillie Pierce Voss
  • Ruth Bryan Owen: Florida Filmmaker, Politician, and Ambassador
  • First State Archivist, Second State Librarian: Dr. Dorothy Dodd’s Legacy
  • “The Dean of Tallahassee Correspondents:” Barbara Landstreet Frye and United Press International