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2022 Outstanding County Awards

An Outstanding County Award winner is selected from among the entries in a district that advance to the state contest. This prize recognizes extraordinary or dedicated efforts in researching and developing an individual or a group entry. The recipient(s) receives a medal and a certificate. The winners from each county are listed here.

County Students
Bay Kennedy McAuliffe
"A Good Cause Needs No Advocate:" Washington's Neutrality Policy and the Citizen Genet Crisis in American Diplomacy (JHP)
Broward Zoe Tibbs, Soleil Escobar
Honoring Henrietta (SGP)
Citrus Katie Riley
The Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975: Tearing Down the Wall of Exclusion (SID)
Clay Anna Wages, Amelia Hart
Could Diplomacy have Prevented the Most Famous Duel in American History? (JGP)

Sophia Forte, Amelia Walker, Madison Rodriguez, Taylor Williams  The Debate Over the Declaration of Independence (JGP)

Escambia Gracie Hamilton
Ready Set Sew: La Belle Époque (SIE)
Hernando Allan An
Opera Diplomacy: The Legacy of a Beijing Opera Troupe’s 1960 Canadian Tour (SID)
Lake EmmaLin Starnes
The Equal Rights Amendment (JIW)
Manatee Angel Potter
Mr. President, How Long Must Women Wait For Liberty? (SHP)
Marion Vincent Minnillo
The Influence of the Federalist Papers on the Ratification of the U.S. Constitution (JHP)
Okaloosa Elisabeth Collins
Radium Girls: Illuminating Injustice in America's Workplace (JIE)
Orange Sarrina Wen, Sam Xu
The Treaty of Versailles: the Diplomatic Failure That Cost Millions of Lives (JGW)
Osceola Elizabeth Patrick
The Path to Paris (SID)
Pasco Kayla Mendoza
The Debate Over Segregated City Buses: The 1956 Tallahassee Bus Boycott (JIW)
Pinellas Mira Yengera
Cheng Yat Sou: The Diplomatic Leader of the Pirate Rebels in the South (SHP)
Daneen Chowdhury
Asian Immigration in America (JIE)
Putnam Shawn Silver
Kennedy Vs Nixon Debate (JIE)
Santa Rosa
Samuel Schumann
The Hapsburg Empire a Successful Failure (JHP)
Sarasota Carsen Spenn
Ronald Reagan and the Nuclear Arms Talks: Debate and Diplomacy (JHP)
St. Johns Pia Lachner
Radium Girls Debate: Who Was Guilty? (JID)
St. Lucie Kierian Smith
The Voyages of Captain Cook: Gunpower Diplomacy and the Ethics of Colonialism (SIE)
Volusia Ahmed Eldeeb
Conciliatory Youth: Tinker vs. Des Moines (SIE)