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Example Topics

Webpage last updated: August 19, 2022

2022–23 Example Florida Topics

The examples below offer a starting point for brainstorming about topics related to this year’s National History Day theme, Frontiers in History. Choosing one of these suggestions will not increase or decrease your chances of doing well at a National History Day contest.

  • Automobiles Create a New Frontier: The Growth of Suburbs
  • Post-Civil War Free Schools for Florida Blacks: A New Frontier in Education
  • Becoming a Frontier: The Loss of Importance of the Gulf Ports of Newport, Magnolia, and Apalachicola in Florida’s Big Bend Region
  • A Civil War Frontier: Salt Pans and the Home Economy of Civil War Florida
  • Space, the New Frontier: Cape Canaveral and the Space Race
  • Augustine and the Start of European Colonization of the New World
  • Jonas Salk and the Frontiers of Conquering Contagious Diseases
  • The Frontier of Hurricane Prediction: Early Warning and Preparation
  • The Everglades and the Frontier of Wetlands Preservation
  • The Push for Renewable Energy in Florida: On the Frontier of a New Industry
  • Cracker Cowboys: Florida’s Wild West Frontier
  • First Commercial Airline Flight: Florida as an Aviation Pioneer
  • Pan American Airline: The Beginnings of Commercial Aviation
  • Carrie Meek and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Pioneering Florida Congresswomen
  • Hamilton Disston's Draining of South Florida: The Frontier of Land Development
  • Flagler's Railroad: Pioneering Efforts in Florida Development
  • Florida's Railroads: The Frontier Faces Development
  • European Cultures on the Frontier: Spanish, French, and English Influences in Florida
  • The Spanish Mission System in North Florida: The Frontier of the Spanish Empire
  • Marjorie Stoneman Douglas: Pioneer of Everglades Preservation
  • Florida Tourism: Recreated Frontiers
  • The Florida Citrus Industry: New Endeavor on the Frontier
  • Timber and Logging in Florida: From Frontier to Industrial Agriculture
  • Florida’s Cattle Industry: The Wild West No One Knows
  • The Beginnings of the Citrus Industry in Florida: From Backyard to Grove
  • Phosphate Mining: Pioneering Endeavor in Industrial Agriculture
  • Alligator Farms and Other Roadside Attractions in Florida: The Frontier of Florida Tourism
  • The Great Freeze of 1894–95: The Dividing Line Between Citrus as a Frontier Activity and a Modern Industrial Enterprise
  • Flagler's Railroad from St. Augustine to Key West: Pushing Back the Florida Frontier
  • Steamboating on the Rivers of Florida: A Frontier Mode of Transportation
  • The Equal Rights Amendment: Florida Women Working to Expand Their Frontiers and Secure Equal Opportunities
  • The Social Consequences of the Arrival of the Telephone on Rural Life in Florida: Bringing the Frontier Into the Mainstream
  • The Transformation of the Original Ecology of the Everglades by the Sugar Industry: Turning the Frontier into the Factory
  • Economic Origins and Social Effects on Florida of the 1920s "Land Boom" : The Selling of the Florida Frontier
  • The Effects of a Military Base on a Local Community: The Frontier Forts of Florida
  • On the Frontiers of Racial Justice: Florida’s Persecutions of Minorities
  • Immigrants to Florida: The Rise of Immigrant Unions/Clubs in Florida, specifically Ybor City at the Turn-of-the Century
  • Intellectual Frontiers: The Role of Environmental Activist Marjorie Stoneman Douglas in Changing People's Perceptions of the Value of Wilderness Areas in Florida
  • The American Cowboy and Cattle Industry: Its Impact on the Development of the West and America's Economy in the Early and Mid-19th Century
  • Thomas A. Edison's Legacy of Inventions and Their Impact on the Nation and/or the World
  • Jacqueline Cochran: Opening a New Frontier for Women Pilots during World War II
  • On the Frontier of Sailing Technology: Development of the Ships that Enabled Europeans to Travel to Florida
  • Television Comes to Florida: Jackie Gleason Moves to Miami
  • Sponge Divers in Florida: Greek Immigrants and a New Life in Tarpon Springs


Although you can select a topic dealing with any time or place in history, excellent subjects often are found by investigating local or statewide history. The availability of firsthand informants, historic sites, and documents and records provides many research options, although your search for information about any topic should extend far and wide. Be sure to look at the Florida Research Directory on the FHD website for repositories in Florida. The State Library and Archives of Florida has many online resources in their collections that relate to Florida topics which can be accessed by clicking on the links below.