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2023 Outstanding County Awards

Webpage last updated: May 09, 2023

An Outstanding County Award winner is selected from among the entries in a district that advance to the state contest. This prize recognizes extraordinary or dedicated efforts in researching and developing an individual or a group entry. The recipient(s) receives a medal and a certificate. The winners from each county are listed here.

Alachua County

Garner Caspersen
Marie Curie: Affecting Society with Science (JIW)

Bay County

Yelyzaveta Kovalenko
Voices from the Holodomor: Soviet Collectivization and The Red Famine as a Frontier in the History of Ukraine (JIE)

Broward County

Kyra Movva, Eesha Shah
The Hello Girls: America’s Forgotten Soldiers (JGD)

Citrus County

Mollie Dineen, Gabriel Gilmer, Jack Palmani, Katie Riley
“Our Window on the Universe.” Discovering Space Telescopes and Their Frontiers (SGD)

Clay County

Mia Petrosky, Avery Schaefer, Dagny Smith 
Title IX: Frontier in Women's Sports (JGW)

Escambia County

Reece McKissack
The Amazing Discovery of Charles Goodyear (JID)

Hernando County

Christian Agudelo
The 7th Continent and the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration (SHP)

Lake County

Jenni Creamer
Rock and Roll: A Frontier in Music that Changed a Generation (SIW)

Lee County

Aum Dhruv, Nicholas Harty
Carrie Nation: A Radical Force for Frontiers (SGD)

Leon County

Evan Takacs
Bees as Livestock: How 3/8 of an Inch is Saving the World’s Food Supply (JIE)

Manatee County

Alexia Mattes
Often Seen but Not Heard Talkies, The Rising Voice Scenes of a New Frontier (JIE)

Marion County

Ansh Karavadia, Beck LeRue
Katherine Johnson; Crossing the Frontier for African American Women in Science (JGD)

Martin County

Nicolette Coleman
Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingells Wilder (JIP)

Okaloosa County

Juliet Ivers
The Aqualung: A New Frontier (JID)

Orange County

Sarah Khan, Madeline Peacock
Architecture and Cultural Change Surrounding the Bombing of Hiroshima, 1945 (JGW)

Osceola County

Elizabeth Patrick
Florida's Moonshot (SID)

Pasco County

Liz Marth
The Civil Rights Movement: How the Frontier of Peaceful Protest Was Key to Equality (JHP)

Pinellas County

Colin Boltz, Andrew Nordmark, William O’Leary, Seddharth Sriram
The Protestant Reformation: Pioneering the Path to Ideological Freedom (SGE)

Polk County

Samantha Chavez, Alejandro Nieves 
Pill Pushing Physicians: America’s First Opioid Crisis (SGE)

Putnam County

Teaghan Speaks
The Wright Way to Fly (JIE)

Santa Rosa County

Kira Benton
Nellie Cashman: How an Irish Immigrant Woman Carved Frontiers in the Western Mining World (SIW)

Sarasota County

Bailey McVay
Elizabeth Blackwell: Pioneer in Medicine & Advocate for Women (SIE)

Seminole County

Rachel Shuai
Vincent Chin’s Murder: Expanding Frontiers at the Cost of a Life (JHP)

St. Johns County

Sabrina LaVopa, Priya Schramm
Extending a Hand and a Ladder: The Life and Legacy of the Daughters of Bilitis (SGD)

St. Lucie County

Tiara Johnson, Gabriella Scozzafava, Gabriela St. Hilaire
1968 LA Walkouts (SGE)

Volusia County

Mackenzie Cunningham
The Smith-Hughes Act (SIE)