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2024 Outstanding County Awards

Webpage last updated: May 08, 2024

An Outstanding County Award winner is selected from among the entries in a district that advance to the state contest. This prize recognizes extraordinary or dedicated efforts in researching and developing an individual or a group entry. The recipient(s) receives a medal and a certificate. The winners from each county are listed here.

Alachua County

Raha Toghiyani
The Chernobyl Disaster How the Soviet Union Fell (JID)

Bay County

Stormy Merritt
Punk Rock: The rebellion against the establishment as a reaction against the social and political conditions of the 1970's (JID)

Broward County

Angelina Mirand, Sofia Osteicoechea, Olivia Ramsaran, Amari Ransom
The Historical Tapestry of an American Milestone: Eatonville, Florida (SGD)

Citrus County

Annalise De Beer, Reagan Kohler, Alice Leonard, Moriah Vann, Gianna Zapata
The Atomic Bomb (SGW)

Clay County

Sophia Pre, Amara Hassan, Tung Thai
How Jonas Salk Paved The Road To Polio Extinction (JGW)

Duval County

Cara Bottin, Catherine Falzone, Molly Lewandoski
The Matchgirls Strike of 1888 (JGE)

Escambia County

Alice Zhang
Turning the Red Page: How the Chinese Cultural Revolution Altered Education and Chinese Identity (SIW)

Hernando County

Allan An
The Farm Security Administration Photography Project: A Turning Point in History (SID)

Hillsborough County

Erik Mesic
Sir Seretse Khama: the Creation of Contemporary Botswana (SHP)

Lake County

Khamil Alvarez Arroyo
The Cry They Didn't Hear: The Story of El Grito de Lares (JID)

Lee County

Elsee Cribbs
Hedy Lamarr: Turning the Tide with Torpedoes (SIP)

Leon County

Chloe Alonso, Anna Blalock, Paige Kovacik, Kyndal Wallace
NICU Incubator (SGE)

Marion County

Saiyara Chetty
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: The Tragedy That Became a Turning Point For Labor and Safety Laws (JIW)

Martin County

Kaleb Stone
The Fight for Hate, The Holocaust (JIW)

Okaloosa County

Sarah MacGregor
Turning Points in History: The Alamo (JIW)

Orange County

Phillip Colbert
The Jaws that Bit the Media (JID)

Pasco County

Devansh Dhavale, Saksham Batra, Vivek Nagulu, Dominic Martin
Social Security Act of 1935 - Turning Point for America's Most Vulnerable in the Past and Forseeable Future! (JGD)

Pinellas County

Jada Cadwell
Title IX of 1972: Turning Women Towards the Path of Success (JIW)

Polk County

Joshua Aranda, Sam Chaves, Gatlin Doddy, Isaiah Hanger, Brady Selig
Rags to Railroads: The Impact of Irish Immigration in America (JGP)

Putnam County

Gianna Emanuele
The Heart Stent (JIE)

Sarasota County

Peyton Gray, Wyatt Campbell
Speech is Power: The Media's Impact on Public Opinion (SGD)

Seminole County

Deepak Marpu
America's Idol: The Impact of the Iroquois Confederacy on the Writing of the U.S. Constitution (JIE)

St. Johns County

Paolo Passalacqua, Sohum Sheth
Thirty Days in July: Diplomacy to Desperation – The July Crisis (SGD)

St. Lucie County

Jua Anderson
Turning Points In History: Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (JID)

Volusia County

Derrick Henry
Fredrick Douglass: Escapes Slavery a Turning Point in the Abolitionist Movement. (JIP)