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2024 Florida History Day Awards Applications

Webpage last updated: February 09, 2024


Florida History Day presents a medal and prize to first place, second place, and third place state contest winners in each division and category. It honors one entry from each county with an Outstanding County Award, and it also gives prizes for excellent research relating to specific topics, as described below.

Special Prizes

Students who advance to the state contest may nominate their project for a special prize if their topic relates to one of the twenty-one special prize themes listed below. Junior and senior projects in all categories are eligible, although some prizes have eligibility criteria. Entries seeking the Florida Digital History, Florida Archival Research, Florida Heritage, Cubberly Florida History, and Florida Historic Preservation Award must relate to some aspect of Florida state history. Only historical paper projects may apply for the Cubberly Award, only documentary projects and website projects may apply for the Florida Digital History Award, and only exhibit projects may apply for the Mapping History Award. Otherwise, topics can relate to any time frame or historical context, and, of course, they must be clearly associated with the annual theme. Teams of judges review and rank the nominated entries. The winner of each special award, whether an individual or group entry, receives a prize.

Nomination packets in pdf format must be emailed to [email protected] by 5:00 p.m. March 27, 2024.

  • African American Heritage Award
  • American History Innovation Award
  • American Revolution Heritage Award
  • Best Use of Primary Sources Award
  • Celebrate Freedom Award
  • Colonial Americas Heritage Award
  • Economic Heritage Award
  • Florida Archival Research Award (Florida Topic)
  • Florida Digital History Award (Florida Topic; Documentary and Website Only)
  • Florida Heritage Award (Florida Topic)
  • Florida Historic Preservation Award (Florida Topic)
  • Frederick Cubberly Florida History (Florida Topic; Paper Only)
  • Hispanic Heritage Award
  • Holocaust Education Award
  • Mapping History Award (Exhibit Only)
  • Military Heritage Award
  • Native American Heritage Award
  • Science Heritage Award
  • Sports Heritage Award
  • Women's Heritage Award
  • World War II Heritage Award

Students who wish to apply for a special prize should read the Special Prize Nomination Guidelines and complete the Special Prize Cover Sheet.



To Apply For A Special Prize

Each special prize nomination must include the four items below in the order listed. You must email a PDF of the packet to [email protected]. If you are nominating your project for two prizes, you must complete a separate packet in PDF format for each entry; however, you may attached both PDFs to one email. Entries that do not include the following items may be eliminated from consideration.

• Special Prize Application Cover Sheet.

• Nomination narrative. On a separate sheet, describe in at least 100 but no more than 200 words why your topic is significant in history and how it relates to the special prize category that you selected.

• Process paper. A process paper is required for all entries. Follow the guidelines presented in the NHD Contest Rule Book on page 19.

• Annotated bibliography. Attach your project’s required annotated bibliography. Follow the guidelines presented in the NHD Contest Rule Book on page 19-20.

Nomination packets must be emailed by 5:00 p.m., March 27, 2024. Email your packet to the Florida History Day office: [email protected].