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Contest Details

Online State Contest Guidelines

Florida History Day (FHD) prioritizes the health and safety of the public, and our student competitors, judges, and employees. After careful consideration, we have made the decision to implement an online state contest and cancel the in-person interviews and presentations.  

Students should be aware that due to the requirements necessary to present the contest online certain elements of the in-person contest will not be a part of this year’s competition. Each entry will stand on its own merit with the judges. Students may also be asked to provide additional materials as outlined below to aid with judging.

Florida History Day will still follow the National History Day Rule Book except where considerations have been made to adapt to an online contest. This includes but is not limited to no student interviews and no physical presentations or displays of entries.

April 14 is the deadline for all materials. Students will need to submit all additional materials via the method specified below. FL.NHD.ORG will only allow you to upload a single file.  All required PDF documents must be merged into one file.

Judging will take place from April 22 to May 4.  FHD will not post run offs in any category.  Awards will be announced on May 5 and registration for National History Day will open by May 7.


Steps for uploading PDFs to student accounts

Log in to your student account at  Group projects need only to have one student do this.

Click on the drop down menu in the upper right of the student page and select My Profile.

On the My Profile page, click on the upload file button below “Entry's Paper:”

Select file to upload.  File name should use naming convention listed above. The system may drop underscores from the file name that is not a problem.

Click button to upload.

Once uploaded click the save button in the lower left of the My Profile page.


Guidelines for each category


Students should upload to their account at the final draft of their paper with annotated bibliography which was previously sent to FHD as a hard copy.  Use the following naming convention for the file name:          

Junior Division:                  JHP_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Senior Division:                 SHP_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Example: JHP_JDoe_ThisIsMyHistoryProjectTitle.pdf



Students should have their website keys entered into their account at  No further action is required of the student. If needed, websites will be available to students for editing from April 6 to April 14.  Please be aware websites will be locked again on April 14 at 11:59 p.m.



Students must upload their process paper and annotated bibliography to their registration account at in a single PDF.  Florida History Day will provide each county with a link for the student to use to upload their documentary to One Drive.  The documentary must be in MP4 format.

Use the following naming convention for both the PDF and video file: (Group entries: select one student from group)

Junior Individual:               JID_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf or .mp4

Junior Group:                    JGD_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf or .mp4

Senior Individual:              SID_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf or .mp4

Senior Group:                    SGD_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf or .mp4

Example: JID_JDoe_ThisIsMyHistoryProjectTitle.pdf



Exhibit students will use the PowerPoint template provided by Florida History Day to showcase their exhibit.  The students will need to fill in the template with the requested appropriate images of the exhibit as well as the text from the exhibit.  Students will then convert the PowerPoint to a PDF.  This file will then need to be merged with the process paper and annotated bibliography into one PDF file. Students must upload to their account at in a single PDF their process paper, annotated bibliography, and exhibit PowerPoint. 

Click here to download the Exhibit PowerPoint Template

Use the following naming convention for PDF: (Group entries select a student from group)

Junior Individual:              JIE_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Junior Group:                    JGE_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Senior Individual:              SIE_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Senior Group:                    SGE_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Example: JID_JDoe_ThisIsMyHistoryProjectTitle.pdf



This category requires physical interaction which may not be possible for all students. To allow for everyone to be judged on the same level FHD is only asking students to provide their process paper, annotated bibliography, NHD Performance Script Cover Page, and script.  These items will be uploaded as a single PDF to the student account at

Click here to download the Performance Script Cover Page.

Use the following naming convention for PDF: (Group entries select a student from group)

Junior Individual:               JIP_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Junior Group:                    JGP_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Senior Individual:              SIP_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Senior Group:                   SGP_FirstIntialLastName_FirstSixWordsofTitle.pdf

Example: JIP_JDoe_ThisIsMyHistoryProjectTitle.pdf